C.W. Management Corporation


Acquisition Strategy

We can help you define an acquisition strategy that fits with your business strategy. In consultation with you we can also define the acquisition criteria needed for approaching potential candidates for acquisition. In the preliminary stage we can provide a mergers-and-acquisitions market analysis, approach candidates and start the transaction. In addition to acquisition strategies, we negotiate with Banks, Brokerage Houses, Capital Firms, and Venture Capital Firms to reach the best possible corporate objective.


Investor Relations

The strategic management responsibility integrates the disciplines of finance, communications and marketing to achieve an effective two-way flow of information between a public company and the investment community, to enable fair and efficient capital markets. Our Investor Relations highlights include:

  • Corporate Governance
  • Conferences & Presentations
  • Investor Relations Newsletter
  • Fact Books
  • Financial Information & Filings
  • Corporate Responsibility
  • Stock Information


Corporate Restructuring

C.W. Management Corporate restructuring involves restructuring the assets and liabilities of corporations, including their debt-to-equity structures, in line with cash-flow needs to promote efficiency and restore growth. Our Corporate Restructuring highlights include:

  • Rules & Regulations
  • Exercising Appropriate Oversight
  • Maximizing Value
  • Positive Communication
  • Obligation Control
  • Legal Procedures
  • Structured Finance Solutions
  • Bank Negotiating

Corporate restructuring involves a substantial change in a company's financial structure, ownership, control, and business portfolio. C.W. Management's main goal is designed to increase the value of the firm.


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